Why High-speed Railway is always Built on Bridge?

High-speed railway system means that the speed can reach or above 200km/h after transformation, or the speed of a new-built highway line can achieve 250km/h. High-speed railway will shorten the intercourse time of your traveling.
Some people may ask: why high-speed railway is always built on bridge? Whether it will increase the cost of high-speed railway construction? The answers are as following:
1. It will promise that the highway line is smooth-going. That is to say, it had better adopt circular curve in straight line or big radius without too much bends. For example, curve radius of 350km/h high-speed railway should be less than 7000m. In addition, too much fluctuation will influence its plain, here it refers to gradient.
2. In recent years, Chinese high-speed railway developed very fast and amazing, one reason is our high-speed railway is always built on bridge. Ordinary road bed is filled with special padding materials, such as clay, gravelly soil and etc. These filling materials are not compact, they need to be pressed into a certain extent. However, because loose is their inherent nature, the filled earth will have consolidation settlement more or less even though they are pressed by special tools. If one embankment is built on soft roadbed, it will also happen sedimentation from auger ground.

However, bridge construction will not be this case. Bridge is built above pile foundation. Different geological condition will decide different pile depth. In general, the pile depth will reach  lithosphere layer, sometimes the depth will be more than 70m, thus sedimentation problem will be solved. All in all, bridge has more advantages than familiar road bed. 
3. Save more land area. For example, Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway has 80% in bridge and there are 20million square meters be saved comparing to traditional road bed.
4. Other reasons. Bridge will also decrease maintenance cost, improve safety, solve problem of pedestrian aisle and decrease management rise.

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