Our factory has delivered goods to other country in March,2012,the instruction and pictures are following, welcome to visit our company.  

  Deliver goods place: the east factory

Customer country: Bengal 

Goods item:HZQ50-150walking type bridge girder launcher

Main technical parameters of bridge girder launcher

Model                                  HZQ50/150

Span                                         50m

Rated lifting capacity                            150t

Applicable gradient               Longitudinal gradient ≤±3%

  Lateral gradient                                ≤±4%

Skew bridge angle                             0-45

The launcher longitudinal moving speed          4.6m/min

The launcher transverse moving speed             3.31m/min

Trolley longitudinal moving speed                 4.6m/min

Trolley transverse moving speed                   1.6m/min

Lifting speed                                   0.8m/min

Moving way                                 walking type

Centre distance between two main girders           5m

Allowable wind force at working                  ≤6

Power                                             about 90kw

Total weight                                        about 180t