Bridge Erecting Machine Industry Representing the General Trend of Globalization
The globalization of the construction machinery industry is a general trend which can not be halted. The global manufacturing giants compete with one another to entry China, which objectively makes a great contribution to the upgrading level of domestic manufacturing industry. The domestic manufacturing industry strives to catch up with and surpass the foreign brands. With the deep gap between the domestic brands and the foreign brands, we took part in the construction machinery industry exhibition more than ten years ago whereas our manufacturing levels catch up with them after a dozen years.

In the recent years, we have shortened the distance with the first class in the world. ZZHZ often deal with the foreign counterparts. During one talk with them, the foreign customers they came to China to purchase China’s equipment for the reason that China’s equipment is of high quality but of low price. The price of one piece of equipment similar to the first class in the world is only the 60% of the foreign one, which attracts customers most.
The stable and healthy development of the construction machinery industry beings a result of a more detailed social division of labor, which contributes to set up a more professional renting market of construction machinery like the bridge erecting machine. The features of the current leased enterprise of bridge erecting machine in China is the small scale and large number. Among the 100 thousand leased enterprises of bridge erecting machine, less than 1/3 has established for 5 years.
For the future of the China’s construction machinery industry and the leased enterprises of bridge erecting machine, we are full of confidence and will contribute our whole life to its development and growth.
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